Calling all men everywhere to follow Jesus.


Around the world

Evangelizing the world and making disciples of all nations is a God sized mission.   We support several missionaries around the world financially and through our prayers.  Would you please pray with us and help support what God is doing aroung the world?


Please Pray


Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Matthew 28:19

Our mission is to Obey Jesus command  to go into all the world preaching the Gospel to all creation, making disciples of all peoples, baptizing and teaching those who believe.

Mission news

  This young boy was reached in Mongolia through an Every Home for Christ outreach to a village school. The school's principal and dean were also saved, and later the principal called the EHC office to say: "You shared so much about Jesus, now everyone in the village is talking about Him!"

  From the EHC Mexico office: "After the EHC team shared a new gospel booklet written for army forces, a retired general and his entire family accepted Christ. Now he has 81 people attending discipleship meetings in his home every week!"

  Dear friends, through your prayers our school could achieve a 90% pass percentage in Class X (Matric) exam 2014. All total 10 students (6 boys & 4 girls) appeared the Matric Exam conducted in the month of February, 2014 out of which 5 boys and 4 girls could successfully passed leaving the school overall performance at 90%.

  All of them did very well and achieved very good grades. One student missed the top 50 position just for six marks.

  We are all so proud of them and are excited to see God's blessings in their future endeavors.

  Thank you once again for all your prayer support.




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