Calling all men everywhere to follow Jesus.

Pastor Jim Bates

Hello, let me introduce myself and tell you a little about the ministry here at Victory Christian Fellowship.  My goal in life, and for the people that God has entrusted to my care, is that we all become more like Jesus. We desire to make disciples of Jesus, who will also make disciples of Jesus, until the entire world is reached with the message of the Gospel. Teaching and Baptizing them as Jesus instructed us in Matthew 28:18-20.


The process of achieving this goal is our mission, and  is summed up in these four words.  “Love – Win – Train - Send”.  We want to show love to Jesus by being obedient to His command and bringing His love to the world. Winning souls for His glory, training disciples through His word, and sending them out filled with the power of the Holy Spirit so that even more people might know the love of Jesus and walk in His purposes.


We keep this in mind in all of the ministries at Victory. Children are very important to us as they were to Jesus. We want them to know the truth about Jesus from the beginning so that they will experience His love all their life long, following Him and showing His love to their family and friends. We offer weekly children and youth ministries on both Sunday and Wednesday.


Discipleship, and training others to make disciples is my passion.  We have Sunday morning service where I love the congregation  by teaching them God’s truth in the Word so they will not just have knowledge of God but actually know Him as their Lord and King. I believe our faith in Jesus should compel us to action so we teach and train people to reach others through weekly street ministry and through Outreach Sundays. We also train disciples through small groups and utilizing International school of Ministry (I.S.O.M) classes.  Small group Bible studies meet International school of Ministry (I.S.O.M) classes.  Small group Bible studies meet in different places throughout Columbus and one group meets in Schuyler. The School of ministry meets on Saturday mornings.

Meet our Pastor


Born: 2/6/65 in Superior NE

Favorite Bible Verses: Romans 8:38-39 and Romans 8:18

Family: Grew up in Superior NE with Mother Mary Ann and Father Richard Bates

Two brothers & one sister.  My wife's name is Mindy and we have 2 daughters who are both married and have been blessed with one granddaughter-- Eden, and five grandsons-- Gabriel, Simeon, Josiah, Zechariah and Theophilus.

Interests: Bible, Prayer, Fellowship, Evangelsim Discipleship, Reading, Fishing, Deer Hunting, Rugby, Wrestling, and Football.


us for worship services.

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Pastor Jim and Mindy Family

We would love for you to come and join us where we desire to make an impact that will last for eternity and bring glory to Jesus, our Lord and King!


Waiting for His return


Pastor Jim